Lemon Strawberry Dutch Baby

Hello! I’m still here, occasionally baking but haven’t posted anything new. There are so many recipes on my list that I want to try but keep finding myself outside soaking up the sun and warmth instead of hanging out in the kitchen. These gorgeous summer days won’t last long and I have to enjoy every second in the great outdoors!

It’s no secret that Half Baked Harvest recipes are some of my favorites! I follow her blog, own her cookbooks and have made lots of her dishes–BIG FAN! Dutch Baby has been on that recipe list of mine I mentioned earlier and I finally got to it.

I don’t know about you but every single day feels the same around here. We’re still staying close to home, wearing masks if we venture out and trying to shake up meal time with new recipes. One day flows into the next, boredom and moods creep in on a regular basis and it gets kind of old.

Carrie and I have oatmeal or a smoothie almost every morning for breakfast. When I saw this Lemon Strawberry Dutch Baby in my Instagram feed, I decided today would be a great day for a summer breakfast that didn’t involve oatmeal or frozen fruit and a blender. It does involve a cast iron skillet, fresh strawberries and lemon sugar and that’s just fine with me! Have you ever made one? I’ve got some fresh peaches and I’ll use those next round.

This recipe is really easy to whip up, uses ingredients you probably have on hand and is versatile enough that you can substitute any fruit and make it your own! The credit for this recipe goes to Half Baked Harvest but I swapped out the whole milk for almond milk and used Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Flour. It turned out just fine!

My new skillet from Lodge is amazing in every way! I love Rosie the Riveter and having her stamped into the bottom of this pan makes me feel stronger. It may be all in my head but at this point in the COVID Pandemic, I need all the strength I can find. Baking is my outlet for stress and it’s also the way I enjoy showing those I love that I care about them! Rosie and I rolled up our sleeves and got this Dutch Baby going!


Strawberries, lemon sugar and simple ingredients come together magically to create a delicious, light dish.

The original recipe calls for a whipped ricotta to serve on top, which sounds amazing! I made vanilla whipped cream because Carrie LOVES whipped cream and it’s what I had in the fridge. I woke her up, told her to hustle downstairs so we could get into this thing!

DELICIOUS! I’m so happy to start my weekend with this beauty! Find the recipe here and make it!


Off to squeeze in a hike and enjoy this beautiful day! Happy weekend friends!

From the heart,

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