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DSC_0906Hi!  Welcome to Floured Apron!  I’m Shannon and I started my dream business in 2012 when I left my corporate career in marketing.  The transition from the job I had my entire adult life to a new baking adventure has been exciting, rewarding, fun and, sometimes, terrifying!

I, like so many, learned to cook and bake at an early age.  Food has always been a big part of my life.  I grew up in a home with a mom who was great cook.  She taught me many things about food and we enjoyed baking together, especially, at Christmas.  My dad learned more about cooking when I was a little older.  It’s fun to watch him create something yummy and take so much pride in his creations.

My dad’s mom, Hattie Bell Brooks (Mammaw) was someone who blazed the cooking trail for all of us.  Long before I came along, Mammaw began her days at dawn while everyone was sound asleep.  When we visited her in Hulen, KY, I could hardly wait to start the day with her.  Those mornings were dear to me and I appreciate them so much more now.  She brewed fresh coffee, sweetly tied an apron around my waist and we’d make biscuits and fry up country ham and sausage.  While I squished flour and buttermilk between my fingers, Mammaw hummed a gospel tune and waited patiently for me to finish making a mess so she could get to the real task of making pans of beautiful (and scrumptious) biscuits.  She didn’t strive for perfection or flashy presentation; she wanted everything to taste good and bring her family together (she had 11 children, so she knew a thing or two about getting everyone around the breakfast table!).  She taught her children, their spouses and her grandchildren something about food.  Most importantly, we had lots of laughs and made amazing memories around that food.  I guess cooking is something that I’ve always associated with love and family.  I have to do it!

Once I had my own children, I realized how precious kitchen and baking time can be.  My daughters, Hannah and Carrie love to bake with me.   Hannah came up with our name.  When I decided to embark on this venture, we talked about what to call our business.  I collect aprons and have several my Mammaw made for me.  Within a few minutes of brainstorming, Floured Apron was born!

We absolutely adore food and love to share it.  Floured Apron was started with the belief that we can bake people of all ages happy!  We use high quality, local ingredients and make everything from scratch.  It may not look perfect but our baked goods always taste great and generate lots of smiles!  If you want to make your next celebration extra special, please contact us.  Our cupcakes are made to order and they are delicious!

Here’s a photo of Mammaw Brooks at her cook stove in Hulen, KY.  She was an amazing woman!

Mammaw Brooks

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