Apron Strings Part 2

Group Shot

Hello!  I’m so happy to share the second part of my apron series (click here if you missed Part 1).  Part 2 features aprons that have been given to me for many occasions.  Some of them I “gave” to myself!  I never get tired of seeing and receiving new aprons.  This collection is very special to me and I hope you can get lost for a few minutes in my little apron world!



The first is one of the most cherished aprons in my collection.  Hannah brought this back from one of her high school mission trips in Liberty, KY.  It was made by a Mennonite woman.  I love the bright colors and the simplicity of the design.  It’s modest and sweet.  When I wear it, I feel like Ma on Little House on the Prairie! DSC_0613                 DSC_0615 This cute blue and white apron was given to me by a dear friend.  I love the shade of blue combined with the bright red rick-rack trim.   There are little red sombreros on the patterned squares.  The apron shape, colors and patterns make it whimisical and fun!

DSC_0595               DSC_0597

The next couple aprons were given to me when I started Floured Apron.  Hannah ordered this one and it has been my go to working apron when I have a lot of things to bake.  It’s soothing and brings me thoughts of her and all the times we have spent baking together.  I’m pretty sure she bought this one because of the chocolate cupcakes and cherries!  It’s a cute pattern but not super frilly and it was just what I needed in those early trial and error days of Floured Apron!


This one is from my sister-in-law and my niece and nephew as a “congrats on starting your business” gift.  I have worn this a lot and it shows!  I feel like a professional baker and, of course, love that it has our name on the front!  Boy, it’s a mess, huh?  Rightfully so!  This apron has seen me through several test recipes, the good, the bad and the ugly!  We bonded early on in my learning process and I refer to it lovingly as my friend!

DSC_0611Casey, my husband, is so supportive of what I do and he enjoys surprising me with new aprons from time to time. He purchased both of these at Sur la Table.  If you haven’t seen their aprons, you won’t be disappointed!  Whenever I walk in that store, I run right to the clearance section to see what they have.  After that, I go look at the full price aprons and find myself lost in the cuteness!  He gave me this bright red one for Christmas.  Aren’t the little pom poms adorable?  The whole design is just FUN!

                         DSC_0623                 DSC_0625

Casey gave me this delightful apron for Easter.  I just wore this orange and mint green one today while making St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes.  It screams spring and I’m more than ready!  Isn’t it pretty?  Both the red and orange aprons are so feminine with their necklines and ruffles.  Confession:  When I wear these, I do twirls around the kitchen because they make me feel like I should dance!

                         DSC_0630                 DSC_0634

My mother-in-law and I share a love for baking and she rarely finds an apron (or a piece of pottery, but that’s an entirely different post!) she doesn’t buy and send me.  Each one is unique and I’m not certain where all of them came from but I’m thankful she spots them!

She loves nature and the environment.  This apron sums up many things I associate with my mother-in-law: natural, beautiful, sweet, gentle and LOVELY!

                         DSC_0636                 DSC_0638

Here’s a beauty she gave me for Christmas a couple years ago.  It’s covered in cherries and the little polka dot and outline details really give it character!  Can you see the big red buttons at the top?  Look for a couple more like this in my final Apron Strings series.

                         DSC_0627                 DSC_0628

Here is the most recent apron she gave me for Valentine’s Day.  The note she included was very sweet.  Since we moved, I have told everyone we do not want more stuff.  I’m trying to simplify and not collect so much.  Her note acknowledged that wish with a caveat that it’s fairly small and she couldn’t resist.  Thank goodness because this is SO STINKIN CUTE!  Right?  The color, the sweetheart neckline, the stripes, the cupcakes.  It’s perfection in an apron!  They really don’t take up that much space and I secretly hope she never stops finding  aprons for me! 🙂

                         DSC_0608                 DSC_0610


Get ready to step back in time!  Think 1950’s soda fountain and ice cream parlor.  Helen, a member of our church in Cincinnati, made several of these many years ago for an ice cream parlor type function.  I was introduced to this apron when we had a cooking theme for Vacation Bible School last summer.  Helen kindly shared these wonderful pink beauties with us to wear during VBS.  I told her I collect aprons and she knew all about Floured Apron and we exchanged a few stories.  The Sunday after we announced to our church family we were moving, Helen handed me a gift.  As you’ve already figured out, it was one of her adorable aprons.  I cried.  It serves as a reminder of our church in Cincinnati and sweet Helen!

                         DSC_0643                 DSC_0644

I bought this apron on a trip (not to North Carolina, believe it or not!) to San Francisco last summer.  I always wanted to take Hannah and Carrie to San Fran and, with Hannah leaving for college, I decided to do it.  We covered as much ground as possible: Fisherman’s Wharf, Lombard Street, cable car ride, Golden Gate Bridge, Muir Woods and Ghirardelli Square.  We spent a few days in San Fran then drove down the coast to Santa Cruz and took a whale watching cruise in Monterey Bay.  It was a blast and we had many adventures and even more laughs!  This apron captures several California memories, including where Casey and I were married (hint:  it begins with a Y!).

                         DSC_0618                 DSC_0620

           DSC_0619            DSC_0621

Last, but not least, is a darling pink, cupcake covered, ruffly apron.  I also bought this for myself.  I keep this one hanging in my kitchen all the time and wear it frequently.  I immediately get in my baking zone when I put it on.  I can’t explain it but it’s the one I turn to time and time again when I really have to crank out some cupcakes.  Plus, it’s precious (and pink)!

                         DSC_0605                 DSC_0606

I thought that was the last, y’all!  As I was finalizing this post, Casey returned from a business trip.  While traveling, he found himself in Savannah, GA and grabbed a bite at The Lady & Sons (Paula Deen’s restaurant).  He also grabbed this sweet thing!  Our kitchen is yellow with accents of blue and this definitely belongs with us!  Thank you, Honey!

                         DSC_0729                 DSC_0728

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into some of my apron gifts.  I love each of them for so many reasons.  You won’t want to miss my next and final piece to this series!  I’m sharing all the fun kid aprons we have.  I would still love to see any of your aprons and please feel free to share this with your family and friends so they can share as well!

From the heart, Shannon


Apron Strings

Group Shot

This is the first of a few part series I want to share with you about aprons.  Specifically, I thought this would be a great way to showcase my small(ish) apron collection and what each of them means to me and offer you the opportunity to share some of yours!

The timing of this series is intentional as March 11 was Mammaw Brooks’ birthday. She always wore aprons and she gave me my first. If you’ve read Our Story, you know the word “Apron” is part of our name for a reason. So, to celebrate aprons (and Mammaw’s birth month), I thought it would be fun to share some of ours!  I hope you enjoy this peek into my apron world. If you ever catch me in the kitchen, you’ll probably see me wearing one. I’ve grown to adore them!

My love for aprons started well before Floured Apron came to be. I didn’t realize it when I was a kid but I was always fascinated with Mammaw’s aprons. I remember her wiping her hands on them all the time, using her apron as a potholder to move an iron skillet from one burner to the other or take a pan of hot biscuits from the oven. She also tucked dishtowels into the waist of her apron, so she’d always have one handy.  She made most of hers and she always had big safety pins on the pockets. One day I asked her about the pins and she said, “Well, you just never know when you’ll need one.” Fair enough!  Especially, from a woman who was a master mind with duct tape!  I bet she fixed a million things with duct tape and big safety pins!  At the time, I didn’t think much about aprons or how many she had or their purpose. I just knew she had one on most of the time and she often let the grandchildren wear them.  While I wish I had more of hers, I’m thankful for the ones I have; they bring me comfort and inspire me to do what I do.

This apron was a gift from Mammaw when I moved into my first apartment. I was so happy to receive it and I loved that she made it just for me! Check out the embroidery. She embroidered anything she possibly could:  napkins, pillowcases, towels and, thankfully, she added that special touch to my apron.  Can you believe how sweet this is?  Precious.

Photo 3 Embroidery Shot

As the years went by, I treasured this apron and used it frequently (it has lots of stains!). Now, I treasure it even more and love that it has my name and sweet details straight from Mammaw’s hands.  The pink bow and the basket of fruit are simply adorable.  The pink flower between “Shannon’s Kitchen” served as inspiration for the pink flowers in our logo. I can just feel the love and care she put into this and it is one of my most beloved possessions. I have often wondered how she came up with the design and wish I would have spent more time talking with her about that when I had the chance. As much as I miss her, I always feel there’s a part of her baking right along side me. I know how much she enjoyed filling our stomachs with food, and our hearts with love.

1 Shannon's Kitchen

She also made this one for me. The gingham fabric and rick-rack trim are so cute! I have worn this one quite a bit and it just makes me think of spring.  I’ve used this apron as a background for some of my cupcake photos.  You can’t go wrong with gingham!

Photo 5 Green Gingham Full

Photo 5 Green Gingham Pocket

Green Gingham 3

Now, I’d like to share photos of aprons I’ve collected from antique stores. One of the many things I love about old/vintage aprons is that they must have so many stories!  I enjoy thinking about all the women who wore these and often wonder what types of foods they prepared while wearing their aprons.  For me, it’s fun to look at the handmade details such as the different shapes, embroidery, pleating, pockets and fabric styles.  The combined elements make each of these aprons unique and special.

The first is a sweet pink apron I found at an antique store in North Carolina when we were combining a vacation with college visits.  How cute is this?  It always brings a smile to my face and I wear this one a lot.  This little number takes my ordinary yoga pants and t-shirt ensemble to new levels!

Photo 8 Pink Full Shot

Here’s a close up of the pocket.  It is slightly stained along the top edge and the fabric is very thin behind the pocket.  I  can just imagine someone’s flour covered hand reaching into that pocket countless times.  What do you think has been in there?  I am a big fan of pink and this apron always makes me feel happy (and girly) when I wear it!

Photo 8 Pink Pocket

Next up is another antique store find.  This one was purchased in Glacier National Park in Montana (my happy place!). This apron represents so many things about that vacation.  It has a natural beauty and soft flowing lines.  It’s pretty but not over the top fancy.  It has rick-rack along the entire outer edge and at the top of the pocket.  This one doesn’t have any stains, so I’m guessing it was not used for everyday cooking but maybe for a Sunday supper in a quaint cabin, nestled in the mountains of Glacier.  Yes, I think that’s it!

6 Yellow

Photo 7 Yellow Flowers Full Shot

This little gem is quite beautiful and is one of the fanciest aprons I have.  I found this one on a different North Carolina trip.  We spent a few summers looking at colleges so I was able to get to a few antique stores on occasion.  I love North Carolina and the aprons I purchased there serve as joyful reminders of our summer trips with Hannah and Carrie.  This apron is made with a sheer ivory fabric and the pockets and waist are adorned with a light blue floral pattern.  The trim is a delicate blue and ivory lace.  It’s simple and lovely and represents all things southern to me.

Photo 10 Blue and White Sheer Detail Photo 10 Blue and White Sheer Full

That’s it for some of my older/vintage apron collection.  The next post will feature a different set of aprons that have been given to me from many people.  I hope you will share pictures or stories of your favorite aprons!

From the heart, Shannon