Week 4: Exceeding our goal AND a sneak peek at Rosie!

Hello!  Wow!  At this exact minute, Kickstarter site shows 40 hours remain on our campaign.  Yikes!  We did it, everyone!  I’m so excited and overwhelmed and can’t wait to get out there and bake my heart away!  Our progress went quickly and all the support and words of encouragement have made this such an amazing experience!

  IMG_0417   Progress Halfway   Progress 75  Progress 100


Today, I went to visit Noah at American Vintage Camper.  I have been dying to see Rosie and want to share all the details with you!  I didn’t really know what to expect but I’m happy with where she is and the plans for the next couple weeks!  Noah told me she will get her beautiful black and white floor tiles today and he’s ready to start covering the exterior and she’ll head to the painter late next week.  I am in the process of ordering all the equipment so Noah can install all the good stuff!  We are really rolling!

This is Noah, the master builder! (sorry it’s a little blurry)


Here’s Rosie!  This is the service window side.

IMG_0661I had to climb in and get my picture!  Oh my gosh, so amazing!  This will be super fun!


Here’s a view of the other side.  We’ll have a little door on this side.


Here’s one more from a different angle of that side.

IMG_0670Seriously, how cute is she?  I can’t wait to see the next phase and share it with you!  I’ll be putting together all the Kickstarter reward info and thank you pages over the next week along with finalizing details for community events I want to be part of. I am so happy you are part of this, thank you!

From the heart, Shannon


We did it (on wonderful timing, too)!

Progress 100

If you didn’t hear the big SCREAM last night at 10:45 then you are just finding out that WE HIT OUR GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is incredible!! Thank you for all you’ve done to make this happen! We are truly blessed to have so many generous and kind people in our lives! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Want to hear something really neat?  If you watched our video or if you’ve read our story, you know my grandma was a big influence in my life.  Well, today would have been her birthday!  What a way to pay tribute to someone who touched so many with her cooking and baking!  This dream is about to become a reality and it’s all because of you!  I’m truly touched!

The campaign will stay active until our end date of 3/22/15. Please keep sharing and let’s see how far we can go!

Floured Apron Kickstarter

From the heart, Shannon


New reward level and incentive added!

Pink campers cropped FB post

We made a slight change to the apron giveaway!  We’ve made a new reward level for a LIMITED EDITION apron!

We’ve connected with a local seamstress who is custom making some adorable aprons for us! We’re really excited to wear them the first day we introduce Rosie to our community!

Our goal is just within reach!

Thank you for your support and please keep sharing–we’re almost there!!!   From the heart, Shannon

Floured Apron Kickstarter Campaign


Week 2 (almost): AMAZING!

Progress Halfway

What an AMAZING week!  We are 57% to our goal (a little ahead of the two week mark)!

In the last update I shared so many kind words from many of our backers.  This week I’d like to share a private message I received from one of our new backers:

“More than happy to back floured apron I didn’t get to tell you but your frosting is the only frosting I’ve ever had that tastes like my grandmas, which made me really happy. Super corny but I jut wanted you to know!!  I was honestly so excited and taken aback, sure do miss her! I had the blueberry lemon and I can’t remember what the other white one was I think raspberry in the middle! “

This captures the true essence of what I love about baking and why I am so excited to get out there and share with as many people as I can!

Bake people happy…Rosie can’t get here soon enough!

Thanks to all of you for your support!  I know we can reach our goal!  Please keep sharing and please know your generosity means the world to me!   xoxo

From the heart, Shannon


Week 1: Happy Campers!

Rosie Drawing 3

Today marks one week since we launched our Kickstarter project.  We are 31% funded!  Woo hoo!  If you had told me a week ago that I’d spend every single day in tears, I wouldn’t believe it.  Happy tears.  Tears of gratitude.  Tears of tremendous joy.  Thank you is not enough!

Friends and family and people I don’t yet know have touched me this week in many ways.  I am going to share what is probably too much info.  What the heck?  We are all human and I find life to be one big learning opportunity so, here goes. 

Since moving my oldest daughter to college in North Carolina and, immediately after, moving the rest of us from Cincinnati to NE Ohio, I have struggled.  I felt lost and alone and wondered what my purpose was in this world.  I had feelings of sadness that I wasn’t prepared for.  We faced many challenges moving into our house, I missed my daughter terribly and I had no idea how to restart my baking business in an area where I didn’t really know anyone.   All of that coupled with trying to adjust to not working at the corporate job I’d had for my entire adult life, left me confused and, for the first time in my life, not certain about anything.

That was a little over a year ago and those first several months were filled with many not so happy tears.  My plan was to establish and run Floured Apron in our new location.  Unfortunately, I had no idea how hard it would be to start over!  Fortunately, all the things I was trying that weren’t working, lead me to ideas that I hoped would work. 

I realized I’d have to approach the model very differently than the home based model I was doing in Cincinnati.  So, I picked up some courage and got out there.  I introduced myself to people and shared my baked goods.  One connection quickly lead to three more and, before I knew it, I was starting to envision a plan.  

The plan was that I had to get the business out of my home and into the community.  Storefront?  Food truck?  I spent weeks researching and analyzing all the options.  I was looking at food trucks online and found a picture of a camper that was renovated into a darling camper that was used to sell baked goods.  My obsession began!  I knew I had to have one and that it was the perfect way to share Floured Apron with others!  I wanted it but had no idea how to get it since money was already tight.

I agonized over the decision to build a camper/mobile bakery thing.  That decision meant I’d need to make a significant financial commitment.  I had feelings of guilt and was full of turmoil inside.  How could I do this?  How can I justify us not taking another vacation or saying no to doing things we want to do, just to focus on my business?  I, me, mine…It wasn’t just about ME and MY business.  The work and development of Floured Apron was a family effort.  This wasn’t just my dream.  It was our dream and what I realized was we all took joy from the business we built. How amazing would it be for two young girls watch their mom do something different?  Take a risk and pursue a dream.  Fail.  Succeed.  Many valuable lessons could be learned from this endeavor.  This hard decision would impact all of us and all of us were excited and proud to move ahead!

Once I decided I had to take this next step or I’d need to give up on Floured Apron once and for all, I prayed and spent weeks mapping out all the pros and cons.  Many things happened over this time.  I’m being completely honest with you, I received multiple, random signs that I had to chase my dream.  It was as if someone was following me around telling me to do this.  I was seeing vintage campers everywhere and I wasn’t even looking!  I saw them on greeting cards, wallets, key chains, posters.  I was at a shoe store in the check out line and there was a pair of socks with campers on them just staring at me (now, I own them!).  Okay, I got it, let’s do this! 


I pulled the trigger and drove to meet with Noah at American Vintage Camper near Columbus and handed him a check, shook his hand and took a big deep breath.  

From that moment, I have constantly second guessed myself.  After last Friday, the second guessing has completely gone away.  I know this is my path and this is one of the many purposes I have on this earth.  I didn’t launch Kickstarter to get compliments and wonderful things said about me; that was not the objective.  I wanted to raise more money and generate awareness for the business. 

I had no idea that I’d get something much more important and meaningful in return. 

At this one week mark, I thought it would be great to share all the fantastic things people have said.  The many prayers I prayed and the outpouring of encouragement are what dreams are made of.  Dreams are wonderful but they are also difficult.  It takes a tremendous amount of courage and passion to do something that feels so right but presents you with many obstacles and loads of stress.  I now understand why people give up.  They don’t give up because they are failures or losers.  They give up because life is hard and it will knock you down.  People can be mean and their negative words or lack of compassion and help can destroy those dreams.  People can also be giving, kind and unselfish and can make your dreams come true.  That’s what is happening for me.  I’m blessed, I’m touched and I’m completely in awe of the generosity and love so many have shown.  I am privileged to follow this path.

If I fall on my face, I will do so with a big smile!  I can’t thank you enough for showing me that people are good and they want goodness in this world.  I promise I will spend every minute with Rosie sharing the kindness you have so graciously shared with me.  Check out all the lovely words that have been shared with me via Facebook, texts and emails.  If you’re so inclined, share something nice with someone.  I’m living proof that kind words and actions can truly transform a heart and soul.

From the heart, Shannon

I’m excited for you to realize your dreams.  It’s ok to be scared and to be nervous…I know I was back when and even still today.  Just keep believing in yourself.  You’ll have 1001 obstacles…each challenging your commitment to your dream.  Stay steadfast in your approach and desire to win and you can overcome all of them.  Leverage mentors during this process.  They are incredible assets.  You’ll do this!

You are very welcome!  I love seeing your posts and I am a big fan of your business.  Good luck Shannon and thanks for the note! I hope the family is well.

Shannon was such a huge part of my life when I was younger, and this is my way of saying “thank you” for being such an inspiration, to me and one of my good friends Hannah.  Shannon and Hannah taught me kindness, happiness, and invited me into their mother/daughter love. I am truly greatful for both of them! Good luck Floured Apron!

GREAT JOB Shannon Brooks Keibler!! So excited for my Sister-in-law!! Everything she makes melts in you mouth. Please share and support her NEW ADVENTURE!!

“Bake you happy.” I love it! I love you and I love Rosie! So cute. I love the video.

Shannon…..such exciting news! So happy for you. I miss your delicious cupcakes….they are amazing.

Please check out my cousin Shannon Brooks Keibler’s Kickstarter for her bakery going mobile! Not just because she’s my cousin but she makes some of the most amazing Baked Goods I’ve ever eaten.

I am so proud of you!  You have followed your dreams, you are so inspiring and I love you all so much!

could not be more excited for Shannon Brooks Keibler! She is an incredibly talented baker and everything she makes is divine! Couldn’t think of a better person to help reach their goals and dreams!!! Excited to see how Rosie comes to life! Check out her Kickstarter video here.

Check out my sister-in-law’s campaign! I’m so proud of you, Shannon!

Working with Shannon has been a great learning experience and opportunity for me.  So glad to finally see her KickStarter for Rosie the mobile bakery. Check out her amazing story and make a donation to a local business with big dreams for 2015!

So happy to support Shannon as she takes her dream to the next level!  Can’t wait to see pictures of your bakery, camper style!

I am so excited for my friend Shannon! Please watch AND share AND donate!!

I’m so excited for you Shannon!!! I wish you could be mobile in Cincy. We miss you guys…& your delicious treats!

Good luck!

Congrats to you Shannon! I know this is such hard work. Good luck with Rosie!

Loved your video good things come to those who work hard and have love in their heart

I LOVE that video!!!  It’s amazing.  what a totally wonderful, one-of-a-kind idea!  honestly, that video is charmed.  way to go shannon!

Great video..all I want is a cinnamon roll right now.

Awesome story. Best wishes for your business may you find health, much fun and prosperity!

Just read it…how fun is that?! Good for you!

 This is awesome Shannon!  I am excited for you.

Blessings on your endeavor Shannon

Love it!! Will you make a trip back to cincy with Rosie? 

Yay!!! this is so awesome!!!

We want to support your business!  So happy to help my friend!


Floured Apron is going mobile!

You may have heard the news!  We are taking our home based business to the next level this spring!

Meet Rosie (pictured below), our vintage inspired mobile bakery and the newest member of the Floured Apron family.  Now we can share more of what we love with the community we love!  We are so excited!

In the meantime, we are trying to secure additional funding for the equipment we need.  We hope you’ll consider helping us get Rosie to her full potential. 

All the details are available here:   Kickstarter

Share it with EVERYONE and, most importantly, come see us this spring!  Stay tuned for updates on Rosie’s progress and her grand introduction.

From the heart,


Rosie Drawing 3


Apron Strings

Group Shot

This is the first of a few part series I want to share with you about aprons.  Specifically, I thought this would be a great way to showcase my small(ish) apron collection and what each of them means to me and offer you the opportunity to share some of yours!

The timing of this series is intentional as March 11 was Mammaw Brooks’ birthday. She always wore aprons and she gave me my first. If you’ve read Our Story, you know the word “Apron” is part of our name for a reason. So, to celebrate aprons (and Mammaw’s birth month), I thought it would be fun to share some of ours!  I hope you enjoy this peek into my apron world. If you ever catch me in the kitchen, you’ll probably see me wearing one. I’ve grown to adore them!

My love for aprons started well before Floured Apron came to be. I didn’t realize it when I was a kid but I was always fascinated with Mammaw’s aprons. I remember her wiping her hands on them all the time, using her apron as a potholder to move an iron skillet from one burner to the other or take a pan of hot biscuits from the oven. She also tucked dishtowels into the waist of her apron, so she’d always have one handy.  She made most of hers and she always had big safety pins on the pockets. One day I asked her about the pins and she said, “Well, you just never know when you’ll need one.” Fair enough!  Especially, from a woman who was a master mind with duct tape!  I bet she fixed a million things with duct tape and big safety pins!  At the time, I didn’t think much about aprons or how many she had or their purpose. I just knew she had one on most of the time and she often let the grandchildren wear them.  While I wish I had more of hers, I’m thankful for the ones I have; they bring me comfort and inspire me to do what I do.

This apron was a gift from Mammaw when I moved into my first apartment. I was so happy to receive it and I loved that she made it just for me! Check out the embroidery. She embroidered anything she possibly could:  napkins, pillowcases, towels and, thankfully, she added that special touch to my apron.  Can you believe how sweet this is?  Precious.

Photo 3 Embroidery Shot

As the years went by, I treasured this apron and used it frequently (it has lots of stains!). Now, I treasure it even more and love that it has my name and sweet details straight from Mammaw’s hands.  The pink bow and the basket of fruit are simply adorable.  The pink flower between “Shannon’s Kitchen” served as inspiration for the pink flowers in our logo. I can just feel the love and care she put into this and it is one of my most beloved possessions. I have often wondered how she came up with the design and wish I would have spent more time talking with her about that when I had the chance. As much as I miss her, I always feel there’s a part of her baking right along side me. I know how much she enjoyed filling our stomachs with food, and our hearts with love.

1 Shannon's Kitchen

She also made this one for me. The gingham fabric and rick-rack trim are so cute! I have worn this one quite a bit and it just makes me think of spring.  I’ve used this apron as a background for some of my cupcake photos.  You can’t go wrong with gingham!

Photo 5 Green Gingham Full

Photo 5 Green Gingham Pocket

Green Gingham 3

Now, I’d like to share photos of aprons I’ve collected from antique stores. One of the many things I love about old/vintage aprons is that they must have so many stories!  I enjoy thinking about all the women who wore these and often wonder what types of foods they prepared while wearing their aprons.  For me, it’s fun to look at the handmade details such as the different shapes, embroidery, pleating, pockets and fabric styles.  The combined elements make each of these aprons unique and special.

The first is a sweet pink apron I found at an antique store in North Carolina when we were combining a vacation with college visits.  How cute is this?  It always brings a smile to my face and I wear this one a lot.  This little number takes my ordinary yoga pants and t-shirt ensemble to new levels!

Photo 8 Pink Full Shot

Here’s a close up of the pocket.  It is slightly stained along the top edge and the fabric is very thin behind the pocket.  I  can just imagine someone’s flour covered hand reaching into that pocket countless times.  What do you think has been in there?  I am a big fan of pink and this apron always makes me feel happy (and girly) when I wear it!

Photo 8 Pink Pocket

Next up is another antique store find.  This one was purchased in Glacier National Park in Montana (my happy place!). This apron represents so many things about that vacation.  It has a natural beauty and soft flowing lines.  It’s pretty but not over the top fancy.  It has rick-rack along the entire outer edge and at the top of the pocket.  This one doesn’t have any stains, so I’m guessing it was not used for everyday cooking but maybe for a Sunday supper in a quaint cabin, nestled in the mountains of Glacier.  Yes, I think that’s it!

6 Yellow

Photo 7 Yellow Flowers Full Shot

This little gem is quite beautiful and is one of the fanciest aprons I have.  I found this one on a different North Carolina trip.  We spent a few summers looking at colleges so I was able to get to a few antique stores on occasion.  I love North Carolina and the aprons I purchased there serve as joyful reminders of our summer trips with Hannah and Carrie.  This apron is made with a sheer ivory fabric and the pockets and waist are adorned with a light blue floral pattern.  The trim is a delicate blue and ivory lace.  It’s simple and lovely and represents all things southern to me.

Photo 10 Blue and White Sheer Detail Photo 10 Blue and White Sheer Full

That’s it for some of my older/vintage apron collection.  The next post will feature a different set of aprons that have been given to me from many people.  I hope you will share pictures or stories of your favorite aprons!

From the heart, Shannon