Sweet Happenings

Hello! Welcome to my tiny corner of the blogging world!

I believe food should be simple and full of love. I enjoy making things for my family and friends and always look for opportunities to source ingredients from local farms and vendors. I have a thing for traditional dishes but I also love to experiment with new flavor combinations and put my own spin on recipes. I don’t have fancy equipment and my photography and final dishes are far from perfect but they’re made from the heart.

I want everyone to know how to make and share food and hope you find some of my recipes easy and fun!

Fall is one of my favorite baking seasons and I hope you’ll find things here that inspire you to make something that gives you all the cozy feels!

Check out my blog to see some of my yummy recipes. I want this site to feel like a virtual table of eating and sharing, so make yourself right at home!

Let’s bake people happy!

From the heart,